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Etudes Tsiganes

Territories of extermination in Eastern Europe
(1941 - 1944)

Territories of extermination in Eastern Europe (1941 - 1944)

The persecutions of the Roma in Central and Eastern Europe during World War II are known, but up until now, barely documented. Important work has been conducted over the course of the last 50 years. But what remains to be done is enormous. Even if the written sources exist, a number of situations remains in silence, forgotten and barely stated in the archives, and must still be made the object of advanced investigations. Yet, this depends a lot on the direct witnesses who are disappearing, little by little. It’s within this context that the organization, Yahad - In Unum, and the Roma association, Roma Dignity, undertook an investigative work with the Roma who lived through the tragedy of the genocide between 1941 and 1944, in Eastern Europe. The records published here are the fruit of the cooperation between these organizations and the journal, Etudes Tsiganes. First, it offers a historical and legal perspective of the politics led by the Nazis against the Roma, then proposes the diverse contributions of the Romanian authorities in the deportation of the Romanian Roma to Transnistria as well as a range of more localized investigations on the massacres perpetrated by the Einsatzgruppen and other units in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, in the Baltic countries and in Poland.




Editorial, Father Desbois
The Persecution of the Roma in Eastern Europe during the Second World War, Alain Reyniers

Nazi policy on race and expansionism, Henriette Asséo
The National Socialism Racial Policy against Sinti and Roma, Karola Fings
The genocide of the Roma people in the former Soviet Union and Romania, Marie Moutier

The deportation of Roma to Transnistria, the main facts, Viorel Achim
Gospodar or deported: categorization as an instrument of the deportation of Gypsies to Transnistria, Tatiana Sîrbu
Deporting the Gypsy peasantry Shattered fates of the Ursari Grégoire Cousin & of Segarcea and Sadova, Petre Petcut
Interview with Nastasie Costel, Alain Reyniers

The Nazi genocide against Roma in occupied Russia, Martin Holler
The Genocide of Gypsies in Ukraine, 1941-1944, Alexander Kruglov
The Roma in Nazi- Occupied Baltic States, Anton Weiss-Wendt
Nazi Genocide of Roma in Belarus and the Ukraine, Andrej Kotljarchuk
Shootings of Roma victims: At the heart of Yahad - In Unum’s investigation in Lesser Poland, Michal Chojak


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